• Adventure
  • Hickey from my new Love


    “Ooouch it hurts! Hickeys are always embarrassing.. specially when they are red and so many!” My new fantasy is to reach new heights on my masculinity beautiful: the all new Giant Bike. Yes! I am recently added to what is called as the biker’s community. Where I live, this used to be a Jungle, which […]

  • poem
  • लगता है मछली होकर भी डूब ना जाउ एक दिन!


    कि मै मछली एक महा सागर की, जिससे पता ना था सागर का अगला छोर, रख दिया उसे ले जाकर काँच की नगरी मे, कह के की तुमसा ना कोई सुंदर और, इठलाई शरमाई सुनकर के की मुझसा ना कोई प्यारा और, लगी मटकाने अपनी आँखे देखकर सबकी और, पर घबराई यह सोच की यह […]

  • Story
  • The Stolen Glance


    I cannot keep this to myself any more – I have to narrate this secret story today and right now. Perhaps an untold story of so many girls confused and wrapped in societal codes of conduct like me. Few years ago during summers, in the scorching heat of the unrelenting sun of Delhi, after 3 […]

  • Society
  • Bum chick Bum Bum


    Tell me what is that which.. ..a lech ogles at the Callipygian lady who sashayed by him?, is also the objet de désir of Italian men??, is an Indian husband’s cuss words to his well-endowed wife??? and lastly is usually the butt (pun intended) of most bawdy jokes???? No prizes for guessing it right. But […]

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  • My Shoghi Diary


    He enquired “Travelling for business or pleasure?”  It’s a pleasure travelling for business, I winked. The traveller in me is always excited to go to newer places to explore. Not for me those places which reek of commerce, the dolled up malls, the matchbox buildings..naah. Give me the local flavour any day; the rickety bus, […]

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  • Flight to Freedom


    For most seagulls, life consists simply of eating and surviving. Flying is just a means of finding food. However, Alagron Greta Seagull is no ordinary bird. For her, flying is life itself. Against the conventions of seagull society, she seeks to find a higher purpose and become the best at doing what she loves. She […]