Mountain Views steal me and I am glad to let it make a difference


Mountain vibe stillness breeds a setting quite unmatched, in its Purest Form…
The rhythmic chants of pure clear blue water,

Beautiful green mountains-  high, higher & highest; few visible and feBreath the fresh air!w shaded in white and grey clouds….

No, I am not writing a poetry nor am I fantasizing an ideal weather sitting here in hot and humid Delhi! I am sharing my experience of an incredible feeling I recently experienced on the trip to Mcleod Ganj.

Mcleod Ganj is famous for Dalai Lamba monastery and people from different parts of the world come here for the teachings and learning yoga in this peaceful place. Obviously knowing me, I won’t go for any of the two! As always it was an impulsive trip to get break from the hectic schedule, beat the heat and spend some good time with close friends in last few days at Campus.
We decided to take the HRTC Volvo rather that a taxi or driving ourselves to the place. We reached early morning, I peeped through the bus window Glass and saw the hypnotic scenic beauty – making the coniferous trees look fresh & green. The bus dances swiftly on the curves & turns showing off the beautiful valley and houses/huts hanging at different levels on the mountains.

This plac12032773_10153593908588926_3733114744933209758_oe not only looks amazing but also have awesome food in reasonable rates, we college bunkers started hogging as soon as we reached there as if the dinner at night is again in college mess. We had amazing Pancakes, waffles, different variety of Omelets & Chicken, Thupa, Dumsums, etc; Italian/Thai/Indian/German food.

I was pretty excited about the trek. We walked for 4 kms to Bhashu Temple on road and then after that 4-5 Kms for the fall and Shiva café. The moment we managed to climb to the top (around 2100m height) and stretched my arms facing towards the valley so the wet cold breeze touched my face pushing strands of hair away from my face, I felt I am already high without tasting the Himachali wine. Enthralling shivers experienced from the fine drizzle and the wind.

It’s a peaceful and amazing place; we made few new friends also in the bus- gang of 3 DU girls, a couple (professor & his student). We kept on bumping at different places sharing gestures & greetings! There is something magical in this place or else when in Delhi we don’t even smile at strangers?

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  1. Kilimanjaro says: Reply

    The journeys of your and mine are different but the experience is identical. The cool and crisp mountain air of the Himalayas fill, not the lungs, but the heart with vigour. The snow capped peaks of distant appear much like our most cherished dreams – always in the horizon but yet out of reach! The mountains seduces us to its heights but challenges us in every step; a bit more when we are closer to its peak. But once when you scale the peak the reward is the expansive view, thrill of the discovery of Mother Nature and the sheer excitement of the small yet significant achievement of being on the top.
    I keep going back for more as if drawn by the fascination of a new discovery every time. I hope it is the same for you.
    Keep climbing.

    1. Maximilan says: Reply

      Whereas the beautiful Indian lady is talking about the mountain views stealing her I thought that we all should be concerned about getting back the stolen goods.
      If you just let me know what is stolen, I will sign a petition here at Bydgoszcz where I live and send it across to the authorities so that you may get back what you lost. Incidentally; have you lost something precious?

      1. Aditi says: Reply

        Yeah, I definitely lost something!
        But here is a little correction, I lost something, but gained something precious! Precious was the experience 🙂
        So, no intentions of filing any petition!

    2. Aditi says: Reply

      Rightly said Kili!

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