Be yourself and you are perfect in your imperfections!



Life is beautiful. Live your dreams, be yourself because that’s the most amazing thing to do on this planet earth! You feel happy within and you are the most effective and efficient in whatever you plan to do. Being a girl especially in an Indian society leaves you with so many thoughts of wearing faces and pretending to do what you not even cherish to.

‘I want to be a free bird and fly high in the blue clear sky but then the conscious says, “What will the society say!”.’ You are afraid and frightened to behave the way you want to. The society, your parents, relatives and even teachers taught you to ‘Behave’. But have you given it a thought and asked why? Why shall I behave? We might not want to behave in a certain way; I will decide what I want to be and only I will decide about my life, others can definitely be a part of the happy journey.

We get this life only one time, the small duration when you are young, dynamic, vibrant and ready to take risk and think beyond the fence is too small to waste it thinking and cribbing about what you aren’t. Smaller than your old age years where generally you have lot of time to think what you could have done but lesser time to incorporate it into meaningfulness; may be because of less time or less risk taking appetite. That time you sit back in your old rocking chair and think about things you could not do or make through.

So, the time is now to be the change, be what you are and do what you are good at. Either be a naïve little daddy’s girl all your life if you want to or go and fulfil your thirst and dreams, create something beautiful, have a career of your own and take care of yourself by your own. Nobody but you yourself is the hurdle to your own dreams. Understand and believe that being a female is a boon not a curse; actually it’s the most fantastic thing. Stop asking for help from people or crying about the society, culture or the government. This is the time and mind you it will never come back again. Fly high, touch the sky!

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  1. Malathustra says: Reply

    Such a beautiful post! I am a 30 year old and I have many dreams. But most of the dreams are yet to come true. I too want to fly in the clear blue sky and go away from all my worries.
    Have you realized your dreams of breaking the shackles of your society?

    1. Aditi says: Reply

      yes! I have and actually that’s where my inspiration of being the change comes from.

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