Bum chick Bum Bum



Tell me what is that which..
..a lech ogles at the Callipygian lady who sashayed by him?,
is also the objet de désir of Italian men??,
is an Indian husband’s cuss words to his well-endowed wife???
and lastly
is usually the butt (pun intended) of most bawdy jokes????

No prizes for guessing it right. But if you still haven’t come close to a sniffing distance, read on..

What the…fig
However, in contrast to the Early Ages, the Middle Age was more reticent and less voluble in its public discourse about the then slang bottr. Draped in colorful but in parallel lines the bottr had to draw on the vivid imagination of  both the casual as well as the erotic onlooker to draw meaningful conclusions on what lies beneath. After a leap of quite a few centuries, in which bottr historians recorded nothing remarkable, the Kardashians made an entry to prove that what we know about our bottr (now the more pronounceable booty) needed a close relook. Cool!, we whistled.

The Bootylicious Kardashians!
Kanye West sure had better business acumen than his rap lyrics. After his marriage to Kim, he promptly insured Kim’s prized assets for an undisclosed but phenomenal sum. The terms of the insurance are straight from the Ripley’s Believe it or Not: Every time someone leers at her booty, the couple pockets a cool grand; and if someone actually feels her up Kim Kanye Enterprises gets a mind blowing TEN GRAND.

Kanye is now rapping I know howttaa make a Bounty out of Booty! I do I do I do aa aa

Levi’s philosophy: All women are naturally badass!
While putting up a strong pretense of studying, his mind strayed to the sight of that afternoon once again. His determination to convert his dream to a line of apparel bore fruit in 1873 when he first stitched a pair of trousers with a canvas cloth and put his name proudly on the back side: Levi Strauss. Ever since this iconic brand has always given contours of the bum to perfection; whatever be the shape. The brand became so bum obsessed that they are trying to identify the personality of a person by the shape of her Badunkadonk. In their parlance it is called Curve ID. Sometime during the end of this year they are crossing the final frontier on our bums doing the talking. Literally! The ALB (Apple-Levi’s-Bose) trio are designing a denim which is a combination of smart circuitry woven into the warp and weft of the jeans fabric and spoken through a hi fi speaker. This will get the biometric, health meter and even your sexual arousal played back in no unclear terms to your partner. Howzzat?

The Booty and the beast
Most of us who follow Nat Geo would remember the avidly watched series Bestiality of the Beasts. On one episode they filmed a scene which appeared to be a familiar hunting sequence of a predator  and its prey.  Unmindful of the crouching lion, the mare zebra was grazing nose to the ground, its striped rump moving gracefully with every step she took to gobble up a mouthful of the fresh vernal grass. The lion’s stare was fixed on the mare while its mane was flowing in the westerly wind. It appeared as if in a split moment the law of the jungle will prevail and the lion will hunt its meal down. But the split moment lingered on for some more time; the lion’s stare melted to a longing, its eyelids drooped a little and its lips twitched. The crouching lion straightened up, sniffed the air, and then slowly ambled up to the mare. It licked the rotund fleshy rump, the mare made a whining sound as if in pleasure. The beasts of the jungle enjoyed their fetish moment. The beauty of the rump won over the beast of the jungle.



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  1. Anita says: Reply

    A open article on a private part. Excellent!
    As a woman should I be ashamed of my bum if they are super sized?

    1. Aditi says: Reply

      yes, you should be ashamed if you are ashamed of being a women.

      I believe we are perfect in our imperfections!

  2. Sonia says: Reply

    Hi Aditi Aunty
    I reeaallllyyy loved your blog. I want to meet you.
    But I have a question. I am a 18 year old with what you call as an attractive “Badunkadonk”. All the guys whistle at me only after they pass me by. Does it mean my bum is more famous than my face?

  3. But according to Paddy Milly’s mum gets in on the act and he told viewers to expect it in the upcoming episodes.

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