I am not a Barbie Doll!

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“Wind snatched the silk scarf away from me,

I tried my best to hold and keep it close to me!

But my strength failed to the wiles of the strong gust..

Am I in trouble?

I longingly look at the lovely, dark and deep woods.”

Standing alone in my balcony, these words crowd my mind.

The breeze caressing my face and playing with my hair ruffling it here and there. Brushing hard against my face I realized that I am better when I am free;

….and I realized that over time the soft silk scarf had become my handcuff.

I said to myself ‘the world outside is so scary; that I should hide behind my silk scarf!’

But to my surprise I feel stronger and better than ever before!

It had made what was once a furious tigress to a Barbie doll!

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