The Lonely Bench

the bench

‘He’ walks beneath the starlit sky with the sea breeze wafting in and caressing his cheeks while he gazes far out in the horizon where the sea meets the sky. Once in a while he pauses to click the myriad mysteries of nature; sometimes the playfulness of children on glow Tyre swings.

“The best way to be at peace is not be connected with the world, perhaps getting a call once in a fortnight that too from family.”

What made this man think like this? Why has he withdrawn in a cocoon! A Leo can’t be afraid of the jungle, then what is roiling him? Once a party animal, with the who’s who talking about him and now; he is not even interested to talk or socialize! Once a host who threw party like the Great Gatsby and now he is not interested even in chatting up people.

According to the study of personality traits, an extrovert derives energy from people around him. In his despondency he compares himself to a log lying on a snow covered sidewalk or sometimes compare himself to a bench, a lamp post…. that’s surely not an extrovert! What prompted this sudden change of an extreme extrovert to an introvert?

the logAfter a tiring walk, he spots an old bench and scans around for the right subject of his pictures. He just loves taking photographs of random things or people.

I sit beside him on the old bench silently. Not a word spoken between us and yet I could sense the deep void within him.


To be continued….

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